International agreements

EU programme ERASMUS+

University of Applied Sciences Mittweida concluded about 50 Erasmus agreements. They are the most important element to design the exchange of students and staff within the European Union for the University Mittweida. The agreements define special fields for cooperation and the number of exchange places, depending on teaching and research subjects  and needs of the faculties. These agreements

  • follow clear rules
  • enable to finance activities
  • ensure unique standards between all partners.

University Mittweida applies once per year to the German Academic Exchange Service as national Erasmus agentur for financial means out of this programme.

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Double degree programmes

To obtain a second degree is an attractive goal for students. Out of this reason University of Applied Sciences Mittweida works out double degree programmes with partners from abroad. These programmes enable students to carry out two study programmes parallel leading to two degree certificates at the end. It is desigend for German students, who like to obtain a foreign degree as well as for foreign students, who are interested in a degree of University Mittweida.

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Bilateral cooperation agreements

Bilateral agreements exist with about 25 partner universities worldwide. The are valid for a defined period. Usually the agreements settle a frame for student and staff exchange and project cooperation. Further details can be agreed in supplements to the agreement. Generally bilateral agreements are a basis for activities of all faculties of the university. They demonstrate the willingness to cooperate and build a fundament for applications in national and international programmes. There are no financial means bundled with these agreements.