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Double degree programmes

A double degree is a doubled study degree which will be gained, if

  • the study at the home university is combined with an integrated stay abroad at the partner university,
  • if a comparable study programme between the partner universities was passed and 
  • if both universities award their final degree based on mutual recognition of study results.

The final certificates and the transcripts of grades will be issued separately by each university. The International Office of Hochschule Mittweida advices interested students and initiate contact to the faculties, offering these programmes.

The following programmes are offered:

Applied Mathematics for Networks and Data Sciences (M.Sc.)course description

Business Administration (B.A.)course description

Business Administration (M.A.)course description

Business Engineering (Dipl.-FH)course description

Electrical and Automation Technology (B.Eng.)

Industrial Management - Innovation and Business Expansion (M.Sc.)course description

Laser Technology (M.Sc.) course description

Mechanical Engineering and Mechatronics (B.Eng.)Mechanical Eng. - course description, Mechatronics - course description

Double degrees for German students