Exchange and double degree students

Statistics Exchange students 2001-2016

Programmes of study

Regular study programmes

Here you find our programmes of study. This list is provided in German. Our studies run in German completely.
We have two study programmes, running in English - the Master Applied Mathematics in Digital Media and the Master industrial Management with specialsation on Innovation and Business Expansion.

As exchange student you have the right to attend modules of all faculties and all semesters. Please select first a study programme. On the right hand side of each study programme desciption you find a link "module handbook". There you find all modules and you should inform us which modules do you like to attend. We check it and support you to build your programme in cooperation with the faculties.

Project work and final thesis

If agreed in advance we are also able to supervise project work and work on the final thesis ín English.

Modules taught in English

For students who do not have sufficient German language knowledge we offer some modules taught completely in English

Online-Studies in English

In cooperation with partners from other universities abroad the Faculty of Media offers modules completely online and in English. You may study here additional to the regular programme or alternatively. The recognition of the subjects has to be agreed with the teacher at the home university on own initiative. Link to the Online platform EVA

Students in Double degree programmes

Students from partner universities, applying for a double degree programme, submit all documents like full time students to the International Office to Mrs Marion Dienerowitz ( and they submit additionally the table with the comparison of all subjects and marks from the studies at the home university compared to the subjects of the lower semesters of University Mittweida. This table is part of the double degree agreement and has been agreed between both parties. The table is available in the International Office and in the faculty of the home university. On the basis of this table will be done the recognition of the study results from the home university in Mittweida and the enrolment in a higher semester of University Mittweida. Applicants need to submitt the official table with the agreed names of the subjects and not an own translation of their passed subjects.

Application documents for a short term stay

The following documents have to be submitted by students who are interested to study only for one or two semesters in Mittweida, to carry out a project work, to do an internship or to write the final thesis for their studies, using ERASMUS or other exchange programmes or as freemover.

  • letter of application with information about the duration and the kind of the desired stay
  • application form for part-time students
  • online application for accommodation 
  • tabulated curriculum vitae with passport photo 
  • proof of the enrolment in the home university with transcript of record
  • proof of sufficient German language knowledge with confirmation from the home university
  • Proof for the financing of the stay with at least 590 Euro per month

Participants in online courses of the EVA - European Virtual Academy need to submitt this application form for guest auditors of University od Applied Sciences Mittweida to Mrs Löwe by mail.


Hochschule Mittweida - University of Applied Sciences
International Office
Mrs. Marion Dienerowitz
Technikumplatz, D- 09648 Mittweida, Germany
phone: +49 3727 58 1736
fax: +49 3727 58 1739

Application deadline

until the end of May or end of November

Academic preparation of your stay

The International Office is your partner to clear all questions regarding your stay at Hochschule Mittweida: content and number of lessons and seminars to be attended, participation in examinations and issued number of credit points. It is also possible to write your final thesis here.

Short term students are free to select their subjects for the stay out of all courses of studies, offered by the university, and from all semesters. They do not have to follow the study programme of only one course. Each lesson or seminar, which is relevant for their study, can be chosen, if free places for exchange students are available. Advice about this is provided in advance by the International Office. Short term students need to agree about their study plans with the International Office as part of the application process. As result of that e-mail discussion a Learning Agreement will be formed. This Agreement is open for changes up to about 4 weeks after the start of the academic semester.

The selected courses can replace courses from the home studies by recognition of the study results from Mittweida by home university. Another approach is to attend such modules which are not offered at home to obtain additional knowledge. Arrange yourself please with the person in charge at your home university to make sure in advance that the results of your studies in Mittweida will be accepted or recognized.

The lessons and seminars take place in German. 

We offer German language course complementary to the studies. It is also possible to pass the German language examination DSH or TestDaF at the end of the stay in our "Studienkolleg".

German language course

  • Summer language course
  • Erasmus students can attend 90min German language classes per week at our university without fee.