ERASMUS+ SMS is our most important exchange programme for students. We offer study stays between 3 and 12 months for each study cycle. In the ideal case you spend one semester and extend it by a second one.

ERASMUS+ students should obtain roughly so many ECTS abroad as the expected ECTS number is in that semester as home. A minimum of 20 ECTS is required. This regulation was established by Hochschule Mittweida to promote ERASMUS+ mobility.

If the students realise during the stay abroad, that they will not be able to reach this number, they need to contact immediately the International Office. It can be possible to replace modules by addional modules, which have been attend outside the learning agreement regulations. Another option is to extend the stay and to attend other modules abroad. If all that cannot be realised the modul need to be repeated in Mittweida after departure. The refunding of the ERASMUS+ scholarship to the university is only an option, if the student obtains less as 10 ECTS and generally this should be avoided. In any case the students need to consult immediately the home university for advice.

You need to sign  a Learning Agreement / help file to fill it in. It defines which subjects you will study abroad and recognised after return by your faculty. After signing this Learning Agreement you receive a Grant Agreement. About your rights and obligations as ERASMUS+ student informs the ERASMUS+ Student Charter. Please hold the application deadlines of the partner universities as told on their web pages. At the end of the stay you need to submit a confirmation of stay and a transcript of records and you need to answer an online questionnaire.

We have many ERASMUS+ students. Contact them to get advice!

There are millions of ERASMUS+ students in the ERASMUS+ network and you may become a part of them, supported by us.