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Matching Funds Programme - Description

In the framework of the programme "Matching Funds" of the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) Hochschule Mittweida cooperates with companies and research institutions in Germany and from abroad. Aim of the programme is the fundraising of scholarships for international students of Hochschule Mittweida. DAAD will double the means provided by the sponsors. The complete scholarship (sponsor and DAAD means) is awarded by Hochschule Mittweida to the student after his arrival.

The requirement for participation is the submission of a sponsoring letter from the company or research institute to Hochschule Mittweida. Exactly the same amount as defined in the sponsorship letter will be provided by DAAD. The sponsoring letter can be dedicated to a certain student or to a any student, selected by Hochschule Mittweida.

Hochschule Mittweida uses the programme Matching Funds to deepen academic contacts with its partner universities in double degree or exchange programmes in East Europe. The partner universities support their students to find sponsoring partners in companies and research institutes.

The selected students will study for one or two semesters in Mittweida, following an individual study programme, agreed between the home university and Hochschule Mittweida. The students need to apply as exchange student to the International Office.

The programme is a project and Hochschule Mittweida needs to apply from year to year to DAAD for participation. Hochschule Mittweida needs to submit the sponsoring letters to DAAD in summer together with a project description. DAAD decides about this application until December. In the case of the approval the scholarships can be provided from March of the next year on. This means, that the participation in the programme requires a very early time planning from the partner universities.

Financial amount

The sponsor need to provide 1.460 Euro for one student. After doubling the amount we have a scholarship of 2.920 Euro. The payment to the student is organised in flat rates of 584 Euro over 5 months. This enables the student to cover most of the living costs for the study stay, calculated here by the International Office: living costs. A small amount for the living costs need to be provided by the student from onw means.

The scholarship agreement will be signed after arrival. Hochschule Mittweida sends the student an invitation with information about the planned scholarship after the receipt of the project approval from DAAD. The invitation is the prerequisit to apply for visa to the German embassy in the home country.