Matching Funds Programme Description

In the framework of the programme "Matching Funds" of the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) University Mittweida cooperates with companies and research institutions in Germany and from abroad. Aim of the programme is the fundraising of scholarships for international students of University Mittweida. DAAD will double the means provided by the sponsors. DAAD signs with the University Mittweida once per year an agreement to transfer DAAD means to University Mittweida for the use as scholarships. The only requirement is the submission of sponsoring letters to University Mittweida. Exactly the same amount as the total sum of all sponsorship letters will be transfered by DAAD. This way University Mittweida builds a scholarship funding network.

University Mittweida uses the programme Matching Funds to  deepen academic contacts with its partner universities worldwide. The foreign partner universities support their students to find sponsoring partners in companies and research institutes.

Each year young foreign students studied for one or two semesters in Mittweida, financed by a Matching Funds Scholarship. This programme works as effective marketing instrument for the University Mittweida and their partner universities.

Annually till the end of October the partner universities need to submit the names of students who are able to submit a Matching Funds letter to University Mittweida. The students have to submit the letters to University Mittweida. The letter will be submitted to DAAD by University Mittweida. Beginning from March of the following year the selected students will start their studies in Mittweida.

Financial amount

To support a student for a stay over 1 semester the sponsor has to provide 1460 Euro (292 Euro per months over 5 months). DAAD will double this amount to 2920 Euro.

The payment to the student during his stay at University Mittweida is 584 Euro over 5 months.It bases on a calculation of the living costs.

The International Office will send an invitation to the students to study as scholarship holder after the receipt of the Matching Funds letter. This invitation enables the student to obtain visa for Germany.