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Project Double Selection

Hochschule Mittweida - University of Applied Sciences and the Preparatory College Studienkolleg Glauchau lead a project since 2010 to select and prepare study applicants for Hochschule Mittweida. The project was approved by the German institution HRK. The project aims to train selected study applicants from secondary schools in China in a preparatory course to enter Studienkolleg Glauchau.

Applicants need obligatory to proof the passed examination gaokao with a number of points, which enables to study in a Chinese university of the level 2. All participants needs to proof the subjects mathematics, physics and computer science in the secondary school leaving certificate with a minimum score of 60 per cent.

The selected participants attend a preparatory course in China first. One of the advantages for the participants is, that they need to pass only a simplified APS procedere. They receive not an individual APS certificate, but a group certificate. It is valid for Hochschule Mittweida only. Following to this phase in China the project participants study over a period of 2 to 3 semesters at Studienkolleg Glauchau in Germany.

After the completion of the final examination of the Studienkolleg the students will be enrolled at Hochschule Mittweida in one of the following study programmes: 

Applicants need to know, that not all study programmes of Hochschule Mittweida are included in this project. They have to select one programme from this list. It is obligatory to finish the selected study programme with a Bachelor degree in Mittweida. After the graduation the students may continue their studies in Mittweida or at another university. After the succesfull graduation the students may apply to Master programmes.

To change the university during the Bachelor studies is not allowed. The permisson for the study stay in Germany depends on the group certificate, which is issued for Mittweida only.

Hochschule Mittweida does not require fees for that programme. Studienkolleg Glauchau is a private preparatory college. Out of this reason students have to pay there fees. The partner in China charges fees for their service as agent of the German partners.

The places of studies are not guaranteed because of their further development, but in case of changes we offer the new study programmes for the project.

It may happen that a course will be limited by a numerus clauses. In that case applicants are required to select a second course as alternative choice.