Climate Forum 2023

Mittweida University of Applied Sciences and its African partners, the African Climate Competence Centres WASCAL and SASSCAL, welcome stakeholders from science, policy, the public and private sector to a joint climate forum under the title: 'Science for livelihood - Interdisciplinary Forum on Research-Based Approaches for Climate Resilience'


Climate change is one of the greatest challenges of today that needs to be addressed with joint efforts at global, national, and local levels. One of the goals for securing the lives of future generations is to benefit from global knowledge about the processes and solutions in dealing with uncertainties due to climate change. Especially on the African continent, living conditions are affected dramatically by changing environment already now. Additionally, as seen in recent years, the impact of uncontrolled weather events in Europe is an issue that cannot longer be ignored in the northern hemisphere. For this reason, it is essential to intensify exchange among the continents to develop an expertise of mitigation and adaptation to climate change. It is therefore essential to strengthen the partnership between Africa and Europe to create a strong bond to address climate change and find mutually beneficial strategies.

Besides the strong scientific focus on the impact and actions concerning climate adaptation, we would like to address the societal aspects of how to create a future worth living for people all over the world. Therefore, the forum aims additionally to engage students as well as the public in understanding interrelations in their living environment and to think about solutions on recent challenges.

We would like to encourage interested people from all fields to participate in the workshop, panel discussion, study and trade fair and student photo/art competition on the theme of climate utopias in addition to the official conference programme (call and description coming soon).


The aim of the forum is to promote the exchange of African and German expertise on the interplay of global and local climate systems on the African and European Continent. Furthermore, local measures to adapt to the impacts of climate change in regional environmental contexts shall be included. The climate conference will provide an interdisciplinary forum to discuss the impacts of climate change and find synergies for future action to provide sustainable energy supply and create adequate living conditions for African and European future generations. The forum will bring together key stakeholders from universities, research instiutions, politics and civil society, including young minds from Africa and Germany, to share knowledge and find solutions for a more climate resilient world.


Dr. Jane Olwoch, Executive Director SASSCAL

Dr. Moumini Savadogo, Executive Director WASCAL

Dr. Inga-Maria Eichentopf, Research Associate, Mittweida University of Applied Sciences

Dr. Julia Köhler, Head of Internationalization, Mittweida University of Applied Sciences

Annabell Heimer, Event Management, Mittweida University of Applied Sciences



Prof. Dr. Kehinde Ogunjobi, Director of Research, WASCAL

Prof. Dr. h.c. Gabin Ananou, Head of the Coordination Team Climate Competence Centres WASCAL and SASSCAL, DLR

Dr. Luna Bharati, Head of Research and Education Division & Coordinator of SASSCAL Graduate Studies Program in Integrated Water Resource Management (SGSP-IWRM), ICWRGC

Dr. Michael Thiel, Chair of Remote Sensing, Institute of Geography and Geology, University of Würzburg

Dr. Anna Matros-Goreses, Executive Director Research, Innovation and Partnerships Namibia University of Science and Technology

Kuda Brandt, Science Communications Specialist, Namibia University of Science and Technology

Prof. Dr. Christof Amrhein, Cross-media moving image production, Mittweida University of Applied Sciences

Prof. Dr. Ramona Kusche, Global Communication and Science Management in the Digital Transformation, Mittweida University of Applied Sciences